Topic: How does ConfTool Pro identify Conflicts of Interest (COIs)?  (Read 57836 times)

The ConfTool system has identified a conflict of interest, but I don't understand why.
How does the system identify such conflicts?

ConfTool Pro uses several methods to identify potential conflicts of interest (COI).
A conflict of interest is created when a reviewer might be partial as he might be acquainted with one of the authors.

Sometimes the system might be too critical from your point of view, but we think it's better to classify one conflict too much and avoid one "wrong" review assignment than missing a conflict of interest and assigning a partial reviewer.

ConfTool considers the following parameters:
  • Of course ConfTool checks if someone is submitting author of a contribution
  • ConfTool compares the e-mail addresses of author and co-authors with the e-mail address of the reviewer
  • ConfTool compares the organizations of the authors with the organization of the reviewer (optional)
  • ConfTool compares the domain names of the e-mail addresses of the authors with the domain name of the reviewer (optional)

Please go to:

Overview => Settings => Main Setting for Paper Reviewing

to change the "Method for 'Conflict of Interest' Identification" and to ignore the organizations and domain names.