Topic: Confirmation letters to be given out only at the conference  (Read 39173 times)

We don’t want the participants to print out the confirmation letters themselves after registration but hand out the confirmation letters on site at the conference.

In order to access the settings page for the confirmation letter for participants please proceed here:
Overview => Settings => Settings for Confirmation Letters
Head on over to the section "Confirmation Letters for Participants, Confirming Their Attendance".
The access for participants is disabled by default.

If you want to print all confirmation letters as PDF files in one go please go to: 
Overview=>User and Participant Management
...and click on "Bulk printing of Confirmations for Participation" (see image).

Please note our documentation on how to create name tags and other serial letters:
Creating Name Badges and the List of Participants

You can find hints on how to enable confirmation letters for single events (like a workshop or sub-event) and not the whole conference on this page:
Confirmation letters for attending single event(s)