Topic: Automatic acceptance process possible?  (Read 59570 times)

Is there some kind of automatic acceptance process based on percentage or review scores? For instance, can I set a limit for "accepted" papers to 70% and every paper with this score or higher will be automatically marked as being accepted?

If you want to, you can modify the acceptance status of several submissions in one go based on maximum and / or minimum review score. However, in a lot of cases, not only the total score is considered when the conference committee decides on acceptance. So please check whether an automatism of the acceptance process is exactly what you are looking for.

If you want to use an automatic acceptance / update process, please go to:
Overview => Submissions & Reviews => Process Submissions

In the first step, please define the filtering options. In a lot of cases, the two options "Maximum Review Score" and "Minimum Review Score" will proof beneficial for filtering.

Once you have set your filters, click on the button "Go to Step 2 (see image 1).

In the second step, go to the section "Please Select New Values" and for the option "New Status" choose the new acceptance status. Use the checkboxes in the left column to select all submissions that you want to change. Click on the button "Start Update Process" to go ahead with the update process (see image 2).

Repeat the steps and use different filters for the remaining submissions, if necessary.

NB: Enable the "Expert Settings" in the first step to activate more filter options. When the expert settings are enabled, you can for instance use a list of paper IDs to update the status of the corresponding submissions, too. Furthermore, you can also use this function to assign many submissions to one session (for instance all posters to one poster session).