Topic: How can I delete reviews?  (Read 56832 times)

As organizers of a conference you might need to delete reviews.
How do you have to proceed?

Reviews can be deleted on the same pages on which papers are assigned to reviewers.
However, this can only be done by Conference Chairs and Admins.
Please note that only administrators can delete reviews and that the deletion of a review cannot be undone!

There are two different ways to delete reviews:

a) Please go to:
Overview => Submissions & Reviews => Program Committee & Reviewers

Choose the required reviewer (Show User Details) and click on “Assign Reviews” (in section with header “Actions”). By ticking the box “Unassign & Delete Review” and submitting the selection you can complete the required  task.

b) Please go to:
Overview => Submissions & Reviews => List of Submissions

In the list please choose the required contribution, and click on “Assign Reviewers” (again in the section on the right with header “Actions”). Here reviews can be deleted by using the checkbox “Unassign & Delete Review” and submitting the selection.

You find additional information on how to delete reviews in this entry in the ConfTool support forum: Unassign reviewers from submissions and delete reviews.