Topic: How to send bulk-mail confirmation to authors in several steps?  (Read 60038 times)

I want to send mails to authors of accepted contributions now and to late submissions later.

If I send the bulk mail to all those who are accepted right now, will it then be possible for me to select sending to those accepted later SEPARATELY - without  those who are notified by the first mail being spammed the next time I send bulk-mail to all "accepted"?

There are several options:
- You can select and deselect the receivers of a bulk mail on the preview screen of the bulk mail function, but that would be manual work.
- You can also create a second "acceptance status" ( go to "Settings" => "Manage Acceptance Statuses"). Call it for instance "LateAccepted", and use that status for late accepted papers and for sending e-mails to them separately.