Topic: Printing Pages from ConfTool  (Read 35727 times)

I have some problems printing pages from ConfTool:
  • When I print a page from ConfTool, the background colors disappear. How can I change this?
  • How can I remove the page URL and title in the header and footer of the printout?
  • The printout it too small / too big.

(A German version of this article is available.)

These problems are related to the fact that you cannot control the print options of the browser from a web application. So some factors are not under our control, but have to be set in the browser.

Please note that ConfTool offers a "Print View" in the lower right corner of most pages that displays the page in a more printout-friendly way (see screenshot 1).

How to change the browser print parameters:

Please go to "File" => "Page Setup..." (also called "Print Setup" or "Print Settings" in some browsers) of your browser menu bar. Using other browsers you have to click on the menu icon at the top right of the browser to get to the print setup. Here you can also (possibly under 'Further Settings' enable "Print background colors..." (works Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer). Most browsers also allow you to define the header and footer of the printout and the scaling of the printout (see screenshots 2 - 4).

If you select "File" => "Print Preview" in your browser, you can - depending on your browser version - define further settings, like the scaling of the page and the printout of the URL and page title.