Topic: Anonymous reviewer invitations via an external e-mail system  (Read 181 times)

We already have a list of reviewers we would like to use to send out invitations. However, due to privacy restrictions of our organization and the large number of people we want to invite, we are not permitted to import these reviewers as invitees into the ConfTool system as explained here:
Using the Invitation Function of ConfTool Pro

Is there any other method we can use to send out invitation links via our own e-mail system that will allow the users to register as reviewers in ConfTool when they accept the invitation?

Yes, you can create any number of anonymous invitations in ConfTool and then export the links for acceptance in an Excel or CSV file.
You can then copy or import these links to your system and include them in the e-mails that you send from your own e-mail account.

First, please create the required number of anonymous invitations here:
Overview => User and Participant Management => Create Several Invitations
Set the number of invitations you need and enter a generic name and e-mail address. These data will not be used later.

In the section "Type of Invitation", subsection "Invitation to Act as Reviewer or Program Committee Member or to Submit a Contribution", for the option “Type of Invitation” tick the corresponding checkbox(es) to create several anonymous invitations for PC members or reviewers (see image 1).

You can find a full manual on how to create anonymous invitations here:
Using the Invitation Function of ConfTool Pro

Then, please export the invitations.

Please go to the page:
Overview => Data Import and Export => Export Data
… and use the “Export Invitations” export (see image 2).
You will find the links that will allow persons to accept to become a reviewer in the column “reviewer_accept_link”.
Please copy or import the links of this column to your system.

Finally, use these links to send them out to reviewers in your external e-mail program.
Each invitation link can only be used once.

Once recipients click on the acceptance link, they will be guided to ConfTool to fill in their user details.
The new user account will automatically have the user status “reviewer” and / or “PC member”, depending on the choices you have made.