Topic: How can I change the order of events and event groups?  (Read 83388 times)

Do you want to change the order of event groups and events on your participant registration form?

Event/Item Groups and Events/Items are shown in the order they were defined. However you can quite easily change the order of how they are displayed.

Please go to the page where you define and edit event groups* to change their order:
   => Settings (Settings for the Participant Management of ConfTool)
   => Manage Event/Item Groups
Click on "Change Order of Event/Item Groups" to re-arrange the groups.

To change the order of events/items please go to
    => Settings
    => Change Order of Events/Items
You define the order by entering numbers in the text fields. The events / items will be displayed in the order of these numbers, so the item with the lowest number will be shown first and the one given the highest number will be shown as last one.

If you want to re-assign an event/item to another group you have to edit this event/item and change the corresponding group on that page.

*(In the standard version there is an extra page to change the order of event groups, please use that page)