Topic: Connecting ConfTool to the Q&A and Polling Platform Slido  (Read 1674 times)

Slido is a Q&A and polling platform for meetings and events. You can use it to ask the audience questions, let the participants vote in polls and engage them in the discussion by using a simple Q&A and polling tool. Slido can be used for on-site, hybrid and virtual events to create a more interactive experience for participants. You can integrate Slido in ConfTool, and in this short manual we will show you how.

You can inform participants easily about Slido and its functionalities using three distinct ways: You can share either a QR code, add a direct link or let participants navigate to the Slido webpage and ask them to enter the event code of your event (see image 1).

For more detailed information on how to use Slido and share it with the audience, please have a look the Slido help pages.

We present various constellations and user cases here.

1) Sharing a Slido link for the whole event in ConfTool
As a conference administrator, you can integrate the access options to Slido on the ConfTool main page for all users who are participants. First copy the link to the event or the event code itself in Slido.

Then add this piece of information in the ConfTool overview page accessible only to participants (see image 2).
You will find a full manual here:
Hidden phrases in ConfTool Pro to add extra wording

2) Sharing links to Slido for single sessions
If you are organizing an event and want to include links to different Slido polls in several sessions of ConfTool, then please first activate the “multiple room” feature in Slido. Create a poll in Slido and copy the link to each poll (not the whole Slido event) for each session separately.

In ConfTool, please go to the page:
Overview => Scheduling => Create, Configure and Delete Sessions
Create a new session or edit an existing one. In the field “External resource” enter the link to the Slido poll (see image 3).

The link can be displayed as a button in the agenda (see image 4).
Please note that you can invite “collaborators” into Slido who can help you to manage several concurrent sessions:
Slido help page “Share access and add guest collaborators to your event”

3) Embedding Slido in sessions
You can follow the exact same steps as described in 3) but instead of copying the links to each poll, copy the iframe link to the poll in order to embed the access to Slido directly in your ConfTool session (see image 5 for the result in ConfTool).

4) Integrating access to Slido in your presentation
If you are an author of a paper/presentation, you can simply share the QR code, link or event code with your audience as part of your presentation.
First, download the event's QR code, copy the link to the event or the event code itself and then include them directly in your presentation.

5) Using an integration for PowerPoint, Zoom or Google Slides
Again, as an author of a presentation, you can even directly integrate Slido in many widely used applications such as PowerPoint, Zoom or Google Slides. The advantage of integrating Slido directly in your application is that you will not have to switch views. Results from Slido polls will be directly displayed in the application that you are using.
You can find all available integrations on this page:
Integrate Slido with your favorite tools