Topic: How to find duplicated user accounts  (Read 7765 times)

We think that some of the users might have created more than one account. We have come across an author who is also a reviewer and who has two accounts. How can we identify duplicated user accounts / double entries?

ConfTool Pro comes with a function that checks for users who registered or were entered more than once in the ConfTool system.

Please call this page:
Overview => User and Participant Management => Find Duplicated User Entries
The system will search for similar names (first name and last name combinations) and matching e-mail addresses to create a corresponding output (see image).

The results will be categorized (see image):
  • Similar users found: The names seem to be very similar. Please check manually whether any of the names simply were misspelled or if these are entirely different users.
  • Exact name match found: Please check whether these are different users with the same name or if a user has two different user accounts. Usually, the user statuses will give you some hints, too.
  • Warning! Duplicated e-mail found: The system found two accounts with similar or exact name matches and a duplicated e-mail address. As the e-mail address also serves as an identifier in the system (for instance to identify user accounts of co-authors), please make sure that each user has a unique e-mail address.

You can find more information on how to proceed to merge duplicated user accounts here:
Can I merge the details of two distinct user accounts into one?