Topic: How to prevent that user name or user data form fields are prefilled  (Read 9246 times)

Why are form fields in ConfTool already prefilled with my personal data and how can this be prevented?
Occasionally, customers complain that the user name form field is already prepopulated with their own user name when they call the ConfTool login page.
Other users wrote that the user registration form is prefilled with their personal data. How can this be disabled?

This is not a feature of ConfTool but rather caused by a specific browser function called “autofill”. There is no need to worry, because this data is stored locally in the browser of the user and not in the ConfTool system.

When the autofill function is switched on, many form entries you make are saved. When you open the form again (or a similar form), the browser will prefill this form with the previously saved data. The autofill function is supposed to help users to not have to enter form entries again and again.

If you want to prevent your browser from prefilling registration forms, please disable or clear the autofill data. You can find a tutorial on how to disable the autofill setting in various browsers here:

Similarly, browsers provide users the option to save login information, such as a username and password. If you want to prevent your browser from prefilling the login data, please check and delete your saved passwords or disable the autofill function for passwords. You can find more information on how to access this data at: