Topic: Is it possible to allow users to create their personal agenda in ConfTool Pro?  (Read 12415 times)

We would like to allow all users/all participants to create a personal conference agenda from the available sessions in ConfTool Pro.
We would like to find out how popular sessions are so that we can allocate rooms with enough seating capacity to each session.

(A German version of this article is available.)

The "My Agenda" function allows users to create their own personal session program. This also gives organizers an overview of which sessions are most in demand. The organizers can then select the size of the rooms according to the number of participants.

To activate the function, please go to the page:
Overview => Scheduling => Main Settings for Conference Session Overview
....and scroll down to the section ""My Agenda": Allow Users to Create a Personal Agenda" (see image 1).
There are 3 options for activating the personal agenda:
  • All persons with a ConfTool user account can create a personal agenda.
  • All registered participants can create a personal agenda.
  • All registered participants without outstanding payments can create a personal agenda.

On the page:
Overview => Scheduling => Create, Configure and Delete Sessions
…organizers can choose from a number of further options (see Image 2).

Please edit a session and scroll to the option "Limit Number of Attendees".

Here you can deactivate the selection of sessions for the personal agenda (this is useful e.g. for coffee breaks and other "general" events) and also limit the number of participants of a session. This can be helpful if the room capacities are limited or a too large number of participants does not seem reasonable.

When “My Agenda” has been activated in the backend, as a participant please go to:
Overview  => Browse Conference Agenda 
...and you will be guided to the Session Overview (see Image 3) where you can select the sessions you want to attend by clicking on the plus sign (see red arrows Image 3). Selected sessions get a green checkmark and are added to the personal session overview "My Agenda". Click on the green checkmark to remove the session from your personal agenda (see Image 4). In the detailed view of the sessions that you have already added to your personal agenda, you see a light green field with the checkmark inside. As a participant, you can remove sessions from your agenda here as well.

As a participant, you can select "My Agenda" from all pages of the "Conference Agenda" via the navigation bar (see Images 3 and 4). Only the sessions you have selected are displayed on the "My Agenda" Overview page (see Image 5).

On the page:
Overview => Scheduling => Create, Configure and Delete Sessions
... the organizers can see how many participants have registered per session. The filter "Only Sessions in the Personal Agenda of " can also be used to filter which sessions a particular participant has selected.

On this page:
Overview => Scheduling => Attendees of a Conference Session
… the organizers will find an overview of how many sessions each participant has already selected. The "Session" filter can also be used to filter which participants have selected a particular session (see Image 6).

If you want to export data on users who created their personal agenda, especially to get an overview on the number of participants who want to attend at which session, please got to

Overview => Data Import and Export => Export Data

… then enable the "Expert Settings" at the bottom of the page. Now scroll to section "Export Further Session Information", and click on radio button "Export Attendees of Conference Sessions (My Agenda Data)" (see image 7). Also, please choose you preferred file format to create the export file.