Topic: Principles for assigning contributions to reviewers  (Read 59096 times)

We want members of the organization team to assign submissions to reviewers for evaluation.

What ConfTool user status do these users need to have?

First of all, please make sure that all users who are supposed to review submissions have the status "Reviewer" or "PC Member".

Users with the status Chair (including Track-Chair), Conference Chair or Administrator can assign contributions to Reviewers and PC Members. In general, Chairs (also Track-Chairs) survey the reviewing procedure and are those who decide in the end about accepting the paper.

When you use the Track-Chair-Module of ConfTool Pro and the assignment of reviewers to tracks is enabled, at least one track must be assigned to each reviewer. Please deactivate the assignment of reviewers to tracks if you want all reviewers to be available for all tracks.

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