Topic: Highlight specific contributions like best papers or nominations for an award in the agenda  (Read 3628 times)

We would like to highlight outstanding presentations in the ConfTool agenda.
How can we achieve this?

How can we accentuate student presentations in the ConfTool agenda?
There is no specific option for these purposes.

We have some papers nominated for different types of best paper awards. Can we flag them somehow in the program, with an asterisk or some other symbol?

There is no specific option for these purposes.

However, these three ideas might help you:
  • Use an extra acceptance status and show this status in the agenda (like "Student Presentation" or "Best Paper Award").
    • Please go to the page:
      Overview => Settings => Manage Acceptance Statuses
      … and copy e.g. the status "Accepted" (or any other status that you assigned to the contribution that you want to highlight).
    • For this copied acceptance status, please choose a "Status Short Title / Result Name" that is fitting, as it will be displayed in the agenda.
    • For the option "Status Visible on "Conference Agenda" Page?” please choose the setting "Show contribution with acceptance status short title" (see image 1).
    • Assign this new status to the contribution, e.g. on this page:
      Overview => Submissions & Reviews => Results of the Reviewing Procedure & Decision About Acceptance
    • The status short name will now be displayed for the contributions with this acceptance status (see image 2).
  • Add an icon and put it in front of or at the end of the title of the contribution.
    • Please go to the details of the contribution and in the box "Actions" click on "Edit Contribution Details".
    • Go to the field "* Title of Contribution" and add an icon in front of (or at the end of) the title (see image 3).
    • Emojipedia has a big resource of emojis you can simply copy and paste. Some examples are a graduation cap, a star, a trophy, or a medal.
    • The title with the icon will now be displayed for the contributions for which you added your emoji (see image 4).
    • Please be aware that the title with the emoji will appear everywhere in the system, including the downloads.
  • You can also combine both ideas and use an extra acceptance status that has an icon in the title of the status.
    • Again, please go to the page: Overview => Settings => Manage Acceptance Statuses
      … click on "Edit Acceptance Status" (see image 5) and insert an emoji to illustrate this status (image 6). Remember to make the status visible on the agenda page (see above).
    • The added icon will be displayed with the status (like the nomination for an award) in the session overview (image 7).
Please test your changes.