Topic: Name badges with the same information for all data sets  (Read 2447 times)

We are trying to create name badges but we are experiencing the following problem:
We are using a standard template for badges that we downloaded for the kind of labels we purchased from a specific supplier. However, when we start the mail merge function to merge the data from the XLS export of the participants with the participant badge template, each badge will show the same name and information.
How can we create badges that include different names and information for each badge?

When you use a template for badges that you downloaded from a supplier of printable labels, please make sure to follow the instructions that you find here:
Creating Name Badges and the List of Participants. You can also find several templates on this page.

Please ascertain that each data set on your template page after the first one starts with «Next Record», otherwise all data sets will be filled with the same information. Please do not use «Next Record» for the first data set on the page, as Word will automatically go to the next record for the next printed page.

You can easily enter «Next Record» in Word when you go to the tab ‘Mailings’. Via the option ‘Rules’, choose the option ‘Next Record’ (see image 1).

Hint: To switch between field editing mode and normal preview, please press ALT and F9. To create a new field or macro command press CTRL F9 and then type for instance "NEXT" within the curly brackets {} (" { NEXT } ") to type in the command manually (see image 2).