Topic: Customize the user registration form: How to edit fields and add custom fields  (Read 4688 times)

Is it possible to customize the user registration form?

Can we add more fields to the form if required?

(A German version of this article is available.)

To edit or add options on the registration form, please go to:
Overview => Settings => Settings for User Registration => Fields of the User Registration Form
Here you can find two different sections:
  • Default Fields of User Registration Form
    This section shows the many standard fields, most of which can be disabled. Some are regularly disabled and can be enabled. You can find even more options if you enable the "Expert Settings" (please use the cogwheel at the bottom of the page). You can also rename all fields if you go to "Settings => Wording and Phrases". Search for the field title you would like to update plus the code "S_USER". Example: If you want to update the label of the field "Phone", please go to and search for "S_USER phone".
  • Extra Options for User Registration
    In this section you can add as many custom fields as you like. Please scroll to the end of "Extra Options for User Registration" and click on "Add New Extra Option No. X". To edit all Extra Options please click on "Manage All Extra Options for the User Registration Form" (see image 1).
    If you add a new extra option, please select one of the various control elements available from the drop-down menu first (see image 2). Depending on the control element that you choose for the extra option, you can add titles, some hints, and select the location of your extra option (e.g. "Shown before 'User Comments'") as well as the "Input Mode of Field" (e.g. "Shown as optional input field") and "Visual Style of Element" (e.g. "Add separator line before element (alternative color)") (see image 3).
    If you use a control element that allows users to select one (select box or radio buttons) or more items (checkboxes) from a list, you will also have to enter these options now. Please use the link "Edit choices of extra option X" for that purpose (see image 4).