Topic: Alternatives to Firefox Quantum due to dropping of support for Add-ons like ‘DownThemAll!’ and ‘ScrapBook’.  (Read 18485 times)

From the release of 'Mozilla Firefox Quantum' (Firefox Version 57) on, this browser does not support any XUL-based add-ons anymore (now called 'legacy add-ons'). 'DownThemAll!' and 'ScrapBook' are some of the many add-ons affected. They are not compatible with Firefox Quantum, therefore you cannot use Firefox for download of multiple files or to create a browsable copy of the conference schedule. As the new add-on interface "WebExtensions" offers much less options to the developer than the old XUL add-on interface, there won’t be full replacements of these add-ons available.

So, what are the alternatives?

There are several other browsers that support the XUL add-on interface and will be supported after that date.

Three alternatives that we have tested and work well are Waterfox Classic (recommended, 64 bit only), Basilisk and Pale Moon.

You can directly download Scrapbook 1.5.14 here:
You can directly download DownThemAll 3.0.8 here:

Waterfox looks and works very similar to Firefox 52. If you are using Waterfox, please go to the toolbar and select "Tools", or open the menu clicking on the icon  top right of the page to get to Add-ons [image 1].

To look for add-ons ScrapBook or DownThemAll! please choose "Extensions", and use the search function on this page [image 2].

To add the required extension please click on "Install" [image 3]. After a restart of Waterfox the add-on will be ready.

If you want to use Basilisk as browser you have the option to search for add-ons at the bottom of the start page or if you click on the icon right top of the page [image 4].

Then click on "Get Add-ons", and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There please click on button "See more add-ons!". You will be directed to Mozilla’s website for Firefox Add-ons. Use the search function to look for add-ons DownThemAll and ScrapBook X [image 5]. Click on button "Add to Firefox" (actually the extension will be added to your Basilisk browser) and start installation.

After a restart of Basilisk your add-on will be available. For an overview please go to "Extensions" [image 6].

When using Pale Moon, please go to "Tools" in the toolbar at the top of the page and choose "Add-ons". [image 7].

If you click on Pale Moon Add-ons Site you will be directed to Pale Moon’s page on Add-ons. Please click on Extensions to get an overview on the add-ons available for Pale Moon [image 8].

There you find a list containing ScrapBook X [image 9], you will directed to the page for Firefox Add-ons (like for Basilisk). Many versions of DownThemAll cannot be used for Pale Moon, but as far as we know version 2.0.18 works with Pale Moon. For more current information please check Pale Moon announcements, especially on webpage Known Incompatible Add-ons (and alternatives). As developers of Pale Moon announced, "support within Pale Moon for the Mozilla Add-ons Site will be going away in all its forms on May 8th, 2018".