Topic: Allow authors to finalize submissions before end of the submission period  (Read 53906 times)

We expect a large number of submissions, therefore we would like to begin with the assignments of submissions to reviewers before the end of the submission phase. Instead of assigning all submissions in one go after the deadline, we prefer to pass the submissions to reviewers once received.
How can we handle this process with ConfTool Pro? We still want to give all authors the same conditions, so is there an option to allow authors to inform us that they are ready and are not going to update their submission anymore?

(A German version of this article is available.)

Based on the experience of our clients, we know that most authors submit their proposals within the last two weeks before the end of the submission phase, so usually the organizers will not save much time by starting with the assignment process earlier. But for some larger events it can be useful for reviewers or chairs to begin reviewing before the deadline, especially if it’s foreseeable that the deadline is going to be extended.

ConfTool Pro provides a "finalize" option for such purposes. It allows all authors to confirm that their submission is finished and ready to be evaluated.

To enable the finalization of the submissions please go to
Overview => Settings => Main Settings for Abstract and Paper Submission
… and enable the expert mode first (click on the cogwheel at the bottom of the page).

Now scroll down to the option "Allow Authors to Finalize Their Submissions".
The default setting says "No, all authors are allowed to update their submissions until the deadline".
You can choose from two settings and allow authors to either "'finalize' their submissions if they uploaded all required files" or to "'finalize' their submissions also if they have NOT uploaded all files" (see image 1).
The latter setting is only useful if no uploads are required or uploads are meant to be optional.

Please choose the appropriate option for your event and save the settings.

Subsequently authors can finalize their submission during Step 2 of the "Submission of a Contribution" process by clicking on the corresponding radio button for the option "Finalize Submission" (see Image 2).
After finalization, authors can neither edit their submission nor upload files anymore.

As always, please remember to test your settings by doing some test submissions.

Organizers can filter the already finalized submissions in the “List of Submissions”.
Please go to:
Overview => Submissions & Reviews => List of Submissions
Use the filter option “Filter by “Finalized” Status” and select the setting “Only submissions that were already finalized” (see image 3 top).
In the list of submissions, in the right column “Actions”, the finalized submissions appear marked green as “finalized” (see image 3 bottom).

Chairs or admins can also remove the “finalized” status of a submission, allowing authors to edit their submission or upload files again.
Please go to the list of submissions:
Overview => Submissions & Reviews => List of Submissions
...and in the column “Actions” on the right click on the link “Edit Contribution”. On the next page you can edit the contribution details, and for the option “Finalize Submission” click on “No, do not yet finalize the submission” (see image 4).