Topic: Request authors to upload missing file(s) to complete their submission  (Read 77360 times)

Some of the authors have already entered a submission into the system a few weeks ago, but didn’t upload the corresponding file(s) yet.

We assume that either they forgot to upload the files or that they got the message wrong they received by the e-mail automatically issued after they have clicked on the button "Save submission, Upload file(s) later". The text of the automatic e-mail states: "We have received your submission".

Is there a way to force authors to upload files or to modify the message?

Are there any settings we can change to avoid any confusion?

Authors have the option to upload one (or more) files and complete the submission or to save the submission and upload the file(s) later. There may be good reasons to delay the upload of the file related to the submission. However, all authors get a warning message when they don’t upload required file(s) (please see Image 1) and when they open the page providing overview about their submissions the words "Upload Contribution" are highlighted (Image 2).

If you want to emphasize in the message that is sent automatically once a submission has been received that the submission is considered incomplete until all required uploads have been carried out, please go to:

Overview => Settings => Wording and Phrases

Please enter "S_PAPER_EMAIL_NEW_BODY" as search term and click on "Edit Phrase". Now you can add the information that a submission is incomplete if the required files are not uploaded until the end of the submission phase.

Moreover, you can send bulk e-emails to authors who haven’t uploaded their file(s) yet as a reminder to do so. Please go to:
Overview => Bulk E-mails => Send E-mails to Authors (and Co-authors)

… and set the "Special Filter" to "Only contributions with missing uploads" (see Image 3). Please also use the other filters – if required – and create an appropriate message body.

Finally, you also have the option to remove the button "Save submission, Upload file(s) later". To do so, please go to:

Overview => Settings => Wording and Phrases

…and search for "S_NEWPAPER_SUBMIT_SKIPUPLOAD". Click on “Edit Phrase”, delete the text completely and click on “Save Phrase”. Once the text field is empty, the button will not be displayed any longer.

Still, authors can always upload dummy files or press the upload button without actually submitting any file, but these options are less obvious than the "skip upload" option before. Therefore, we don’t really recommend the removal of the button, as it makes the system less comfortable for authors.