Topic: Merge all uploaded submissions into one PDF file  (Read 33753 times)

We want to create a PDF document for our conference proceedings which contains all accepted submissions. How can this document be automatically created using ConfTool?

You cannot generate a merged PDF file of all accepted submissions automatically with ConfTool. But you can export all files easily and then use other tools to process your PDF files.

Please go to:
Overview => Submissions & Reviews => List of Submissions

… and move the cursor to "Related Function" on the upper right corner. As the menu appears, click on "Save all files as ZIP using current filter settings” (see image). ConfTool will create a single ZIP file with all submissions as separate PDF files.

To merge those files, for instance you can use professional applications such as Adobe Acrobat or free tools such as PDF Split and Merge.

For some further information, please consult the documentations Downloading Multiple Files from ConfTool and How to Export Data for the Conference Proceedings.

If you want to export abstracts only, you find relevant information in this entry: Exporting all abstracts for the printed conference program.

Please note that such merged PDF files usually are not accessible anymore, as the PDF metadata for screen readers cannot be preserved by most of the currently available PDF tools. Therefore, we recommend using the DOC/DOCX files as source for the proceedings and then creating the PDF file from your merged DOC/DOCX files.