Topic: How to show legal terms / general terms and conditions in your ConfTool installation  (Read 53576 times)

Our credit card acquirer asked us to make our general business terms and conditions available via our ConfTool installation. Each participant/customer must be able to access them with one click from every page of the system.

Is there any option to implement this requirement?

Do you have a template for general terms available?

As far as we know, it is not really necessary to have your own general business terms. The civil law of your place / country of jurisdiction sets the business rules and conditions and is legally binding. Any custom terms and conditions will have to be in accordance with the civil law of this place / country.

However, some acquirers still want to see custom terms and conditions to make sure that the business of the organizers complies with the laws of the country. For instance, participants should have  the right to cancel their order/booking within a reasonable timeframe.

As every country has different laws, we cannot provide a template you can use for this purpose. In case you want to create your own terms and conditions, it is always advisable to ask a lawyer for assistance. However, if you are looking for inspirations, you can usually find such templates for your country quite easily on the internet. You can alsohave a look at our (German) terms and conditions on

To make your terms and conditions available for your ConfTool Pro installation, please go to:
Overview => Settings => Main Setup

… and scroll down to the section "Details for the Page 'Contact and Legal Notice'". Please enter your terms in the field "Further / Legal Information" (see image 1). You can use HTML codes if required.

As soon as you have saved this data, the terms will be publicly available and displayed when users click on the link "Contract and Legal Notice" at the bottom of your ConfTool Pro installation (see image 2).

NB: Please do not confuse this with your registration terms. If you want to show your registration terms during the registration process, please go to:
Overview => Settings => Main Settings for Participant Registration

… and use "Enable Registration Terms". To update them, please use the link "Edit Phrase" (see image 3).