Topic: Changing the limit of the maximum file size for uploads  (Read 79925 times)

We have users who want to upload submissions, but the upload failed. Apparently the file size exceeded the limit set in the system.
What can we do to permit the upload?

You can change the limit of the file size for uploads.

Please go to

Overview =>Settings =>Main Settings for Paper and Abstract Submission,

scroll down to "Defaults for Uploads and Downloads". Here you find the option to set the “Max. File Size for Uploads” (see image). Please increase the limit of file size allowed for uploads as required.

If the system is installed locally by you please keep in mind that the server configuration might need to be adjusted as well. You can find related information in the entry Error uploading – file to big.

If you want to limit the length of PDF paper uploads to a specific number of pages, please consult the entry Limiting the length of paper uploads / check page count for PDF files.