Topic: How to update the submission details during the final upload phase?  (Read 80245 times)

We want to allow submitting authors to edit the details of their submission, i.e. the abstract, during the final upload phase. So they should not only be able to upload the camera-ready copy, but also edit the abstract. How can we enable this option?

During the final upload phase, submitting authors upload the final version or camera-ready copy of their submission. You can allow submitting authors to edit the abstract during this final upload process.

Please go to this page:
Overview => Settings => Main Settings for Paper and Abstract Submission
… activate the expert settings on the bottom of the page (cogwheels) and then go to the section "General Settings for Final Upload Form" (see image 1).

Change the option "Enter or Edit the Abstract" to fit your requirements.

Please make sure that abstracts are enabled for each submission type / track:
Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks
Check the option "Abstract" (Does the user have to enter an abstract?).
Furthermore, at least one upload slot has to be enabled for the option "Number of files to be uploaded for the final version (per contribution)".

You can also let submitting authors enter the CV for the presenting author. Choose a setting for the option "Enable Field "Short CV of presenting author"".

Submitting authors can also be allowed to pass a remark on to the Program Committee and Chairs when you activate the option "Enable Field "Remark / Message to the Program Committee and Chairs"".

Don't forget: The corresponding phase has to be enabled, too. You can activate the final upload here:
Overview => Settings => Main Settings for Paper and Abstract Submission
Go to the section "Final Upload of Accepted Contributions (Camera-ready Copies)", enable the phase and set the deadline.

Please test your settings! We have provided an example of how the final upload form should look like when you have activated all the options (see image 2).

Hint: Only the submitting author can edit the details for the final version or upload files for the camera-ready copy. Co-authors, including those who were selected to be presenters, will not be able to use this function.