Topic: Using ConfTool Pro for the meeting of the program committee with anonymized submissions  (Read 50517 times)

We will have a meeting of the program committee in a room, and want to display the content and the review results of each paper using a projector. The wanted to use the page "Results of the Reviewing Procedure & Decision About Acceptance" for this purpose, but it seems that there is no option to hide names of authors. Can the submissions and reviews be anonymized for this purpose?

The page "Results of the Reviewing Procedure & Decision About Acceptance" currently cannot be anonymized, but there is an alternative option to display the results in an anonymized was: You can use the "Online Forum for the Program Committee" instead.

Please create a dummy user account that has the status "PC Member" only (no "Chair" or "Admin" status). If the Track-Chair-Module is enabled, please assign this user to all tracks as PC member. Please enable the phase for the online forum during the meeting and also make sure that the forum is enabled for all submission types / tracks. Please note that the reviewing has to be set to "double blind" for all submission types / tracks, otherwise the authors’ names will be shown in the forum.

You can now use this dummy account to display and review the results without the names of authors or reviewers if you go to Overview =>Online Forum for the Program Committee (see image).

To set the acceptance status during the meeting, use another computer (without connection to a projector) and go to “Results of the Reviewing Procedure & Decision About Acceptance”. For more information please have a look at the documentation Evaluating the Review Results and Setting the Acceptance Status of Submissions.