Topic: Allow bidding for potential reviewers  (Read 78234 times)

I would like to allow reviewers to select the papers they would like to review themselves.

If you want reviewers to allow to select their preferred papers, please use the bidding function of ConfTool Pro.

Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Conference Phases and Deadlines
and enable the corresponding phase "Bidding: reviewers can bid for submitted contributions".

Please set the deadline and tick the checkbox "Activated in above period".

Make sure that the bidding function is enabled for each of the submission types / tracks (it is enabled by default). Please go to:

Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks

and edit all relevant submission types / tracks. Ascertain that the option "Bid for Contributions" in the section "Further Settings" is enabled (this is the default, see screenshot).

Another option is to use the "Open Review Process".

"Open Review" means that every user can review any paper. No bidding is required, no reviews are assigned to reviewers. They just start with the reviewing process at any time for any paper they like.

The open review process is mainly used for conferences with a community in which the organizers want to allow all authors and interested people to see all submitted papers and to write reviews for these.

In general, it is still advisable to have some "dedicated" reviewers that review all papers shortly after submission and therefore start a kind of discussion on these papers.

Please go to
Overview => Settings => Main Setting for Paper Reviewing
enable the "Expert Settings" in the lower right corner of the page and then enable the "Open Review" option of ConfTool. Here you can also select e.g.  if reviewers shall be shown to authors or not.

Please note: When you change the setting to "Yes", all users can see all submissions and all reviews already entered. Furthermore, all users can create reviews for each submission.

Why can't authors access the review results?

If you want reviews to be accessible to authors immediately after review submission, the acceptance status "On Hold" must be updated.

Go to:
Overview => Settings => Manage Acceptance Status
Edit the Status "On Hold" and set "Show Results" to "Detailed".