Topic: Can the minimum / maximum number of keywords be tested? Is it possible to pre-define a set of keywords?  (Read 82708 times)

For our conference we ask authors to enter three to five keywords for each submission.
Can we test if the number of keywords is correct?

Can the keywords be from a list that the organizers have defined beforehand?

Where do we find the corresponding settings in ConfTool Pro?

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Keywords are used during the submission process and can be entered by authors to further describe the content of their contribution rather than stating the specific academic field, for which topics are used. In that respect, keywords - in general - tend to be a lot more specific than topics.

Keywords have to be enabled for each submission type / conference track individually. Please go to:
Overview -> Settings -> Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks
Click on and edit the submission type / track for which you want to use keywords.
Go to the option "Keywords" and enable keywords. You can select either optional or obligatory (required) as a setting (see image 1).
Enable "Keywords" for all relevant submission types / tracks.

When you have enabled keywords for at least one submission type / track, you can specify additional settings for keywords here:
Overview -> Settings -> Main Settings for Paper and Abstract Submission
Please first activate the expert settings by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the "Expert Settings Disabled" or the cogwheel icon.

Now go to the section "Keywords Settings" (see image 2). There, you will find the following options:
  • Minimum Number of Keywords: This option tests the number of keywords (separated by commas) that has to be entered by authors. It will only be put into effect for those submission types / tracks for which the keyword option is enabled and mandatory.
  • Maximum Number of Keywords: For all submission types and tracks for which the keyword option is enabled (both optional and obligatory), you can set a maximum number of keywords that authors may enter.
  • Enable the List of Keywords: This allows organizers to define a set of keywords. These keywords will be shown to authors in an auto-complete list below the keyword text field (see image 4).
  • Minimum Number of Predefined Keywords: If the list of keywords is enabled and for the corresponding submission type / track the keyword option is activated and mandatory, you can specify how many of the predefined keywords have to be used by authors.

When you use the list of predefined keywords, please enter those keywords here:
Overview -> Settings -> Manage Keywords
We highly recommend entering at least 25 keywords, otherwise this function will not make much sense (see images 3 & 4).

You will find the keywords entered by authors in the details of each submission or, for all submissions, in the export:
Overview -> Data Import and Export -> Export Data
Choose the option "Export Contributions".