Topic: Using conftool for invitations mails  (Read 49054 times)

You might want to import addresses of your customers and invite them to your event.
You can use ConfTool Pro to send out invitations mails.

When you are certain that the majority of invitees will attend at your meeting or the conference is for invited people only, we advise to import the data of the respective persons as users into the system.
In this way they will get an user account and a password and can directly log in.
You can also disable registration for new users, if required.

You also can import the address data as "invitations". Then you can send invitation links and the registration form is prepopulated / filled in beforehand when they register using that link.
These data can of course be changed during the registration process.

Pease use import functions of ConfTool Pro for either import.

Please go to
Overview => Data Import and Export => Import Data

For further information please refer to: