Topic: How to add States / Territories / Provinces to the User Registration Page  (Read 87566 times)

The user registration page only provides options to select US states, Canadian provinces, and Australian states and territories. We want to extend the scope of the list to states/provinces/territories from our country. How can we add them?

Please contact us first, as we might already have such a list at hand and can add it to the selection.

If we do not have such a list, please proceed as follows:

  • At first, you need to add the country code to the list of countries where the state selection is available. Please go to
    Overview =>Settings =>Settings for User Registration =>Fields of the User Registration Form
    to enter the 2-digit ISO code of the country required (see image 1).
  • Now you can start to add the states, territories or provinces if you go to:
    Overview =>Settings =>Settings for User Registration =>Manage the List of States / Provinces / Territories
    On this page, click on “Create New State” and enter required data accordingly. Image 2 provides an example for Denmark.

Please note that we might have to modify the output of addresses to match your national standard. We can do so if you send us a short mail with the corresponding information on how the state is usually displayed in the address field of letters.