Topic: Registration as participant as pre-condition for submitting contributions  (Read 81077 times)

Your authors have to register as participant / to pre-register in ConfTool before they may submit a contribution as author. Does ConfTool Pro support this?

Yes, please follow:
Overview => Settings => Main Settings for Paper and Abstract Submission

In the section
"Special Conditions for Paper Submission"
you find the setting "Registration for Participation required before Submission?"
Here you can set whether authors have to register as participant and (alternatively) if their payment has to be recorded in the ConfTool System, before they can start submitting a contribution.

You can also limit the number of submissions per author here.

If you want to use the payment as precondition too, we recommend to provide an online payment system like PayPal in conjunction with ConfTool Pro. Otherwise authors might have to wait (for certain days) until the organizers enter the payment in ConfTool. This can cause many requests by authors ("Why hasn't my payment arrived, yet?").