Topic: Formatting instructions: How to include a template as a download?  (Read 81689 times)

For the upload of submissions as files, we want authors to adhere to strict formatting instructions.
Therefore, we have compiled a template file that all authors have to use.
How can we make this file available in ConfTool Pro?

A template file cannot be uploaded to ConfTool Pro directly.

Please upload the template file to your main website and make it available via a download link on your "information for submitting authors" page or similar.

To include it in ConfTool Pro, add the link to the template for each submission type / track separately.

Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks
…and edit the relevant submission types / tracks.
In the field "Submission Details" enter the download link using HTML.

Please consider our <a target="_blank" href="http:://">template</ a> for your submission.

For this purpose please also refer to: HTML Basics.

Hint: You could also think about including the link for the template in the e-mail for the call of papers.