Topic: Activate VAT / GST rates for VSIS ConfTool  (Read 40192 times)

We have obtained the free license for VSIS ConfTool, but we cannot define any VAT / GST rates. Is this feature available for the standard version of ConfTool and if so, how can we enable it?

VSIS ConfTool licences are usually only granted to organizers of small events with – if any - low participation fees. In most cases, VAT rates are not needed by organizers and therefore not available per default in the settings section.

If your event has to levy VAT, activate the option by changing the content of the file conftool.conf.php which is located in the directory "etc/”. If you are not familiar with this procedure, ask the person who installed ConfTool to do this for you.

Open the file and search for these lines:
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# Enable VAT for this conference?
# Usually non-commercial events do not need to charge VAT, as your financial advisor. :-)
Use “true” for the following parameter:
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$ctconf['participation/vat'] = true;
The option “Manage VAT / GST Rates” will now appear in the section “Settings for the Participant Management of ConfTool” of your local VSIS ConfTool installation.