Topic: Retrace (and restore) the assignment of submissions to authors and other updates to papers  (Read 63417 times)

We changed some of the assignments of papers to users in our system and don’t know anymore which submission actually belongs to which author.  How can we figure out what submission IDs were updated and which were the original assignments, so we can restore these submissions?

You can access the log of user actions to retrace all operations related to paper submissions and updates made to these submissions.
Alternatively you can first list all submissions that were updated recently and then access the log data related to these submissions.

To access the log of user actions, please go to:

Overview  => User and Participant Management => Browse System Log

Here you have the option to search for particular users, to filter for specific message types / kinds of entries in the log (e.g. "submission") and to filter for the most recent updates (see Image 1).
You can also search for certain submissions (see image 4). At the bottom you see the original submission and in ascending order at the top the latest updates.

Alternatively, you have the option to filter for the most recently updated papers.

To do so, please go to:

Overview  => Manage Submissions and Reviews  => List of Submission

Please enable the extended filter options and then set the required timeframe accordingly (see image 2).
If you select one of the submissions and go to the submission details (image 3),
you can also access the log of recent user actions (image 4) related to this submission.