Topic: Allocating abstracts to reviewers manually as well as automatically  (Read 62635 times)

Is it possible to allocate abstracts manually to reviewers already known according to their research priorities and to allocate the remaining abstracts to reviewers automatically?

Is it recommendable to use both functions parallely or would entries get mixed up?

When you intend to assign contributions to pre-selected reviewers please follow:
Overview > Submissions & Reviews > Program Committee and Reviewers
then click Assign Reviews in the right-hand column Action

You will then see the window:
Overview > User and Participant Management > Users > Show User Details > Assign Reviews

Then you allocate the remaining abstracts to reviewers automatically.

Overview > Submissions & Reviews > Automatic Assignment of Reviews
This assignment function will automatically consider preferences of reviewers entered by them.

We recommand to use both functions depending on your requirements.

After having assigned submissions automatically the above described function of manual assignment can be used to test the result of automatic assignment or for further differentiation of the automatic assignment.

Here the functions are described in a more detailed way: