Topic: Registration fee for accompanying person – payment denied in PayPal account  (Read 51683 times)

Recently, a participant added an accompanying person to the registration after the registration fee had already been paid. Now the participant tried to pay the additional fee for the accompanying person via PayPal, but received the notification that the invoice has already been paid (see image). How can the client balance the payment via PayPal?

There are several options to enable the payment:
  • Change the setting in your PayPal account: Disable the check for the invoice ID (“Block accidental payments by blocking duplicate invoice IDs”).
  • Change the invoice ID of the participant’s registration in the ConfTool System manually. For instance add a figure or letter to the invoice number (e.g. “CT-00003” -> “CT-00003/a”, please see image, upper box).
  • Generate a new invoice ID: if you check the corresponding checkbox (see image, lower box) the system will generate a new ID automatically.

Important: Please print, save or archive the old invoice before you change the ID manually or generate a new ID. The old invoice will be overwritten and not available in the ConfTool system anymore.