Topic: Assign many reviewers to conference tracks in one go  (Read 65675 times)

The invitation process for all reviewers has been completed, but we forgot to assign them to the scheduled tracks. Is there a quick way to assign the reviewers subsequently?

There are two ways to allocate the role of reviewer to a group of users.

1. You have the opportunity to assign all reviewers and/or all members of the program committee to certain conference tracks and contribution types in one step. Please go to:

Overview => User and Participant Management => Assign Reviewers and Program Committee (PC) Members to Conference Tracks

Please select the required “Track / Type of Submission”, and use the checkbox above the list of reviewers to assign all of them to the selected track (see image 1).

2. Additionally, you are able to assign the tracks when you import the list of reviewers again as users. During the import process you are asked to select the track assignments in step 3 of 4 (see image 2). The track assignment of existing users will be updated.

Overview => Data Import and Export => Import Data

Please make sure that you only import people that already exist in the user database. The existence of the user account is checked by e-mail address.

NB: If there is no list of reviewers available, you can use the export function to create a CSV file containing all required data.