Topic: Defining installed language version directly in the link to the ConfTool system  (Read 41504 times)

Our conference website is available in several languages. We would like to link from the pages in all different languages directly to the corresponding language version login pages of ConfTool Pro.
How can this be achieved?

When your ConfTool Pro system has been installed with the required language options, users are able to choose from the language selection in the main navigation bar beneath the header of the conference (see screenshot).

Additionally, you are able to link to each language version directly by adding a language identifier at the end of the URL of your link to the ConfTool system.

For example, you need to add “…?page=login&lang=1” to the URL of your ConfTool installation to direct the user to the login page in the first language.
For the other languages please use corresponding IDs, e.g., “?page=login&lang=2” for the second language.

NB: Up to 4 languages are supported. The languages have to be set during the installation process by us.
You should consider that additional language versions also require extra work during the configuration of the system, as you have to enter several of the configuration parameters and wording in all installed languages.