Topic: Create a copy of reviews in the same format as on the web page  (Read 45973 times)

We want to save all reviews in the same format as displayed in the ConfTool system and we do not want to use the ConfTool export function.
How can we obtain the reviews, preferably in PDF or HTML format?

Usually, you can export all reviews in different spreadsheet formats on this page:

Overview => Data Import and Export => Export Data

If you wish to save a certain page including the directly linked pages in the same format as displayed in your ConfTool installation, you cannot use PDF. However, using the Firefox browser and the browser extension "ScrapBook", you are able to create a copy of any page with "subpages" within your browser. The copies will be stored on your local hard drive for later reference.

If you need for example a copy of all reviews from each reviewer please either go to:

Overview => Submissions & Reviews => Results of the Reviewing Procedure & Decision About Acceptance

or alternatively use:

Overview => Submissions & Reviews => Program Committee and Reviewers

Set the parameter "Per Page" to "all", to show all entries on one page.
Then open the ScrapBook Menu, select "Capture Page As …" (see image 1), enable images and styles and finally set the "In-depth Capture" to 1, which should be sufficient to save all required documents (see image 2).

NB: A more detailed instruction to create browsable copies is available on the ConfTool website: