Topic: Add (or Remove) Watermarks on Submitted Papers  (Read 74620 times)

To avoid that reviewers distribute any parts of the submission or even complete papers we want to add a watermark that identifies document contents as confidential information. How can we create a watermark? Could we also remove the watermark?

ConfTool Pro automatically adds a watermark to all PDF files downloaded by reviewers. This is enabled per default.
At the same time, author information in the meta data of the document is removed.

To enable or disable the watermark-feature please go to:
Overview => Settings => Main Settings for the Review Process

Scroll down to “Review Options”. In this section you find the option to add or remove watermarks (see Image 1).
If enabled, you find a watermark “For Peer Review Only” and the short name of the conference on every page of the reviewers' PDF files.

Please note that this watermark is only available for documents downloaded from the reviewers' pages (e.g. Overview => Enter and Edit Reviews.)

As administrator or chair you can download all files from the page without any watermarks:
Overview => Submissions & Reviews => List of Submissions

Please refer to the following page to see how you can download all files in one go: