Topic: Transferring user details from one event to the next to invite them for participation  (Read 52736 times)

We want to invite all users of last year’s conference to this year’s conference.
How can we avoid that the participants have to create new accounts again?

It's important to know that ConfTool Pro has a separate user database for every conference.
This is required to comply with European privacy policies.

On request we can copy / transfer all users accounts from one conference to the next one, but usually we recommend to import the user accounts of a former conference to the list of invited people and to send them a bulk mail with an invitation link. In this way, they do not have to remember their old login details, the organizers get a clean database with only the user accounts required for their conference and the users do not have to enter their personal details again, if they follow the invitation link.

An invitation acceptance link can be added in the invitations you are sending from ConfTool to a selected group of persons. If e-mail recipients click on that link, all their data from the old account will be used to populate the fields of the registration form.
Additionally, you can insert another link which can be used by the invitees to reject the invitation. If the invitee is not interested, you can easily exclude him or her from reminder e-mails.
You can either import the invited persons using the import function at:

Overview => Data Import and Export => Import Data
(Please see: )

or create invitations manually. Please go to
Overview => Bulk E-mails => Send E-mails to a Group of People in the "List of Invitations"

You need to insert two codes into the text body used for the invitation. The codes depend on the kind of invitation. If you want to invite a person for participation, please use:

Code: [Select]
{registration_accept_link} = Link to the registration page for participants.
{registration_reject_link} = Link for participants who want to refuse the invitation.
If you want to invite the persons to become a reviewer or an author, please use:

Code: [Select]
{reviewer_accept_link} = Link to the registration page for reviewers and pc members.
{reviewer_reject_link} = Link for reviewers and pc members who want to refuse the invitation.
These codes belong to a group of supported codes listed below the text field. You can insert the codes as shown in this example of an invitation (see image):

Code: [Select]
... invite you to “xxx conference yyyy”  in xxx.
Please use the following link to create a new user account in the conference management system:
If you do not want to submit and receive further reminders, please click on the following link:

If the e-mail recipients accept the invitation by a click on the related link, all data from the old account will be automatically used to populate the fields in the registration form.

For a more details explanation please have a look at: