Topic: Adding a data privacy agreement (Datenschutzvereinbarung) to the registration  (Read 55880 times)

We want to add a data privacy agreement (German: 'Datenschutzvereinbarung') to the user registration of ConfTool Pro.
People will have to confirm that they agree with our terms (e.g. that we store their data online and will contact them regarding the event). If users do not consent to these terms, the user registration will be aborted.
How can we achieve that?

To activate a privacy agreement shown on the user registration form, please go to
Overview= >Settings =>Settings for User Registration= >Fields of the User Registration Form

and scroll down to "Ask users to Confirm a Data Privacy Agreement" (see Image 1). There are two options how to use the data privacy agreement: You can either make the agreement mandatory ("… All users HAVE TO confirm …"), so all users have to tick the checkbox to sign the agreement, otherwise the creation of the user account cannot be completed.

Alternatively, you can provide the options to choose between full acceptance and consent with reservations. The latter option means that the user agrees to the data privacy agreement, but (for instance) does not agree that the personal details may be transferred to the event.

Please note:
  • The available terms and options are just examples; please change them at your discretion.
  • If the conference is organized by Germans the confirmation of a data privacy agreement is required by law.

Following alternative way to add a privacy agreement is useful if you need several agreements for participant registration or if the existing agreement  is not customizable enough and more options are needed.

You can easily add a checkbox to the user registration form in ConfTool Pro and make it again either mandatory (for terms that have to be confirmed) or optional (for terms that can, but do not necessarily have to be accepted).

Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Settings for Users Registration and User Options => Fields of the User Registration Form
and scroll down to the section "Extra Options for User Registration".
Click on "Add new extra option" at the bottom of that section and create a new element of the type "Check Box".
We usually recommend to place this element at the end of the form, i.e., use the option "shown before 'user comment'" as location of the element.
Select "Shown as mandatory field" as mode. If you select "Shown as optional field", you give users the option to accept the terms (or not), e.g. if you want to ask them if they are OK to receive mails on other events from you or your affiliated organizations.

Then enter "Data Privacy Agreement" for the short and full title. The short title will be shown on overview pages, the long title will be shown on the registration form in the left-hand column.
As the "Hint for Extra Option X" for this element we recommend to add a text in HTML code with a hyperlink to a PDF file or webpage with your privacy agreement. For further information please see the documentation on HTML basics.
Code: [Select]
You have to read and confirm our
<b><a href="" target='_blank'>Data Privacy Agreement</a> (PDF)</b>
to allow us to use and process your personal data for this event.
Then save this new extra option (see Image 2).

Now add the checkbox itself to this new element. Click on "Edit choices of extra option x", create a new option by clicking on the button and enter "Read and Accepted" as short title and "I have read the data privacy agreement and accept it." as full title (see Image 3).

Please test your settings!