Topic: Different fonts for confirmation letters  (Read 32383 times)

We would like to change the fonts for the confirmation letters (letter of invitation for authors, visa invitation letter and the confirmation of attendance for participants).
Instead of the predefined serif font in the style of Times / Times New Roman, we would like to use a sans-serif font in the style of Arial / Helvetica.

How can we change the font style?

ConfTool Pro offers several different fonts for confirmation letters. The font that will be used by default is called "Free Serif" and looks similar to Times New Roman. Due to copyright reasons - our servers run on Linux - we can only offer fonts that look similar to other known fonts.

To change the font, please go to:
Overview => Settings => Settings for Confirmation Letters
In the section "General Settings for Confirmation Letters" change the settings of the option "Font Family for Confirmations" and choose a font that fits your needs. If you enable the expert settings on the bottom of the website (e.g. by clicking on the cogwheel) you will get an even bigger selection of fonts, however, some of these fonts cause problems, e.g. with special European characters (äöü).
  • "Free Serif" and "Dejavu Serif" look similar to Times
  • "Free Sans" looks similar to Arial/Helvetica
  • "Dejavu Sans" looks similar to Verdana/Tahoma/Frutiger

Certain restrictions apply for different language characters. If you want confirmation letters with Chinese characters, you will have to use the font "Arial Unicode CID 0", however, using this font might require to download and install an addon for the Adobe Reader on some systems.

Please test the new font settings by downloading the confirmation letters!

You will find a visual representation of the fonts in the screenshot below.