Topic: Allowing PC members / reviewers to pick their tracks (track-chair module only)  (Read 66197 times)

Our conference has several tracks and we are using ConfTool Pro with Track-Chair Module. Instead of having the chairs (or track chairs) assign PC members and reviewers to tracks, we want PC members and reviewers to choose their preferred tracks themselves. How can we achieve this?

In some cases, it can be a good option to let reviewers and PC members pick their own tracks when using the Track-Chair-Module.
We advise to either have them pick their priority topics or their preferred tracks. It could be tedious for you to execute and monitor the assignment process if tracks and topics can both be chosen by reviewers and PC members and offering both options might also be confusing to the reviewers themselves.

To enable the function to let reviewers and PC member choose their preferred track, please go to:
Overview => Settings => Main Settings for the Review Process
and activate the "Expert Settings" on the bottom of the page (cogwheel icon, see screenshot).

First, enable the option "Assign Reviewers and Program Committee (PC) Members to Tracks" in case it had not been enabled before.

Then set the option "Track Selection by Reviewers" to "Yes, reviewers and PC members can select their tracks themselves".

Please also activate the phase "Reviewers can select their priority topics". You will find the option for this phase directly above the track selection setting (see screenshot).