Topic: Problems with link from conference website to ConfTool  (Read 54239 times)

Some users report having problems trying to register by following the link from our own conference website. Some of the user registration fields are already pre-filled.
Other users have notified us that they are constantly logged out from the system.
Do you have an explanation for this? What can we do?

The link to ConfTool on your main website has to be a simple link without session information to the main log-in page. Here is an example:
Make sure that you do not include session information in this link, e.g.:

The code "CTSID_XXXX=%2CYY-9B78A2IyDOnlDj5ELZ8h123" carries encoded information about the current user and his actions, so if you distribute this information, others might access your or somebody else's data!

ConfTool (Standard and Pro) now includes filters to prevent such problems, but please make sure that all links to ConfTool from your website are without any session details, as these still can cause unwanted effects.