Topic: Importing reviewers with their priority topics  (Read 51188 times)

Prior to organizing the conference with ConfTool Pro, we had already gathered all data for the reviewers and we have already assigned their priority topics in a list. Can we import the reviewers including their priority topics?

Yes, you can directly import the reviewers together with their priority topics.
Please consult the instructions on how to import users first:

Prior to the import process it is required to define the topics in your ConfTool Pro installation here:

Overview => Settings => Manage Topics

The topics in the CSV file and the topics in your installation have to be identical.

Now go to:

Overview => Data Import and Export => Import Data

and proceed as described in the instructions above.
In the second step of the upload process, assign the columns to the corresponding entries (image 1).
The third step of the upload process will show a preview of the import where you can verify how the data will be imported and check if there are potential problems.

Below the image you can find a sample file for the import of reviewers with priority topics.
In this particular case the CSV file uses semicolons “;” as delimiters between separate entries (it is common for Excel exports in Germany and many other countries).
Please note that the CSV file uses quotation marks as enclosure symbols. By this means you can use commas “,” to separate the priority topics for each reviewer.