Topic: Payment receipts – when, why and how?  (Read 58847 times)

We have found the function for payment receipts very useful. Now that we have printed out the payment receipts, however, we find a section where the participant has to confirm and sign the payment receipt as well (see attached image). We fear that this will cause confusion among participants.

There are two types of payment receipts.

The first type is the payment receipt that participants will be able to download in their ConfTool account once the payment has been recorded in the ConfTool system. This payment receipt does not have a confirmation section!

The second type is the payment receipt that can only be accessed by administrative users in the back-end of ConfTool.
These receipts can include a confirmation section, but this will not be shown to normal users! The confirmation section has the following purpose: If the payment of a participant has not been recorded in ConfTool, organizers can use this form to let participants confirm their participation by signature when they arrive at the registration desk. This gives the organizers a proof of participation, if the participant is unwilling to pay later.

Both types of payment receipts can be configured here:

Overview => Settings => Main Settings for Participant Registration

Go to the section “Payment Receipts” and set the options that correspond to the requirements of the organizers (see image 1).

If you want to change the wording of the payment receipt or the confirmation section, please go to:

Overview => Settings => Wording and Phrases

And enter “S_RECEIPT_TEXT” in the search field . Continue and make the appropriate changes by clicking on “Edit phrase” for the relevant wording (see image 2).

Kindly also be referred to a general entry of the forum regarding editing phrases:,150.0.html