Topic: Export of uploaded files – filenames too long to burn them on CD / DVD  (Read 46786 times)

We want to create a CD of the proceedings and include the camera-ready copies of the submissions.
During this process, we found out that the filenames are too long to burn the files on CD.
How can we solve this problem without shortening the names manually?

For general questions regarding the export of uploaded files, please first take a look at our documentation here (Chapter 3: Export of Uploaded Files – Full Paper Proceedings):

In ConfTool, generated filenames of uploads can be as long as 250 characters. However, the Joliet file system that is used for Data CDs and DVDs only allows up to 103 characters for filenames.

Therefore, you will have to shorten the generated filename to less than or equivalent to 103 characters.
Please go to:

Overview => Settings => Main Settings for Paper and Abstract Submission

and in the section “Defaults for Uploads and Downloads” choose for the section “Compose format of generated filenames” options from the drop-down lists that will produce short filenames. We recommend e.g. a combination of “1st author” and “Paper ID”. Not recommended in this case is “Title”, as authors might choose titles with many characters (see image).