Topic: How to restore deleted uploads / previously uploaded files  (Read 82257 times)

We have accidentally removed / deleted an upload of a contribution – how can we restore the previous file?

We have erroneously overwritten a submission with a new file, how can we restore the previous upload?

(NB: Here you find out how you can delete an uploaded file)

File uploads are never really deleted in ConfTool. You can always access them in the history of file uploads.

To restore the previous upload of a contribution which has been removed, deleted, or overwritten, please go to the list of submissions first:

Overview => Submissions & Reviews => List of Submissions

Open the details of the corresponding submission by clicking on its title. For the submitted files you will find a link to the “History of Uploads”. Click on this link and download the required file to your local storage medium.
Now "re-upload" this locally stored file for this contribution by clicking on upload in the list of submissions.