Topic: ConfTool Front Desk / Check-In for participants at conference  (Read 44300 times)

I was wondering if there is a “check in” feature of Conf Tool. By that I mean, when the participant shows up at the registration desk, you can find his record in ConfTool and mark him as “present”. I recall seeing this but can’t seem to find it now.

Yes, there is a check-in feature. It is called ConfTool Front Desk.

(1) For this feature to be displayed on the user's overview page, you (as administrative ConfTool user) have to assign the role "Front Desk / Registration / Student Volunteer" to the corresponding account.
  • If you want to assign the role to someone else, please go to:
    Overview > User and Participant Management > Users > Show User Details > Edit User Details  
  • If you want to assign the role to your own admin account, you can also go to:
    Overview > Edit User Account Details

(2) In the section "Administrative Data", check the box for "Front Desk / Registration / Student Volunteer" to assign the role. Save the settings. You will find a new section called "Conftool Front Desk" at the bottom of the overview screen.

(3) Go to the bottom of the "Overview" screen. Click on "ConfTool Front Desk" to open the ConfTool Front Desk screen. On this page you can search for or list participants and create a new user account, if necessary.

(4) To check-in the participant, simply click on "Arrival" in the right column "Action".