Topic: Track-Chair module: Automatic assignment of submissions to reviewers/PC members  (Read 65739 times)

We are using ConfTool Pro's Track-Chair module and we want newly submitted abstracts to be automatically assigned to all reviewers (or program committee members) of the corresponding track.

This post explains how NEW submissions will be automatically assigned to all reviewers of a conference track.
This guide only will work if you have the Track-Chair module installed.

If you want to know how all submissions can be assigned automatically once the phase for submissions is over, please take a look here:
Automatic review assignments: How does it work?

To enable the automatic assignment, please go to:
Overview => Settings => Main Settings for the Review Process
... and enable the expert settings on the bottom of the page.

You will now find the option “Automatic Assignment of Submissions”. If you want all reviewers to automatically receive all new contributions of their track, select the setting "Assign all submissions to all reviewers from the same track" from the drop-down list for this option.

Please be aware that if you select this setting, ALL new submissions of this track will be assigned to ALL reviewers of the track!

Select the setting “Assign all submissions to Program Committee (PC) members of the same track”, if you want all new submissions to be automatically assigned to all PC members of a specified track. PC members have the same user rights as reviewers, plus they are involved in the acceptance decision process (e.g. in the online forum).

You can narrow down the number of potential reviewers / PC members when you select any of the two settings that include the topic selection. The topic selection must be enabled for both submissions and reviewers / PC members.

You can widen the scope to all reviewers or PC members when you select either of the settings "Assign all new submissions to all reviewers" or "Assign all new submissions to all PC members".

The reviewers (or program committee members) will receive an automatic notification e-mail for each new submission if the corresponding setting is enabled here:
Overview => Settings => E-mail Settings