Topic: Invitation of participants to single events free of charge  (Read 86563 times)

We want to invite several participants to some of the social events free of charge to honor the functions they have served so far in our organization.

You have several options.

The first possibility is to create a new item identical to the item available to all participants but without costs and hidden from normal participants.
Therefore it will be displayed on the registration pages to admin users only.
Choose this option if you plan ahead and if you do the registration in lieu of the invited persons.

Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Manage Events and Items
... and choose the item you wish to create a ‘secret’ option for and select “Copy Entry for New Event/Item”.

Keep all the settings, except:
For the option "Price Category" choose the setting "No costs apply".
For the option "Visual Style of the Event/Item" choose the setting "Hide on registration form (this event/item is neither visible nor available to normal users)".

During the registration process that you carry out as an admin in lieu of the participant, this item will appear, but the item will not be displayed to normal participants.

The second possibility is to create a credit note for the corresponding events. Use this option if the persons have already registered themselves or payments have already been made.

Open the list of all participants here:
Overview > User and Participant Management > List of All Registrations for Participation

Select the corresponding participant and choose “Edit registration” in the right column.
In the section “Extra Fee or Credit (only visible to admins and assistants)” enter the credit as a negative value. Don’t forget to choose the correct VAT rate.